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January 19, 2018

This time of year can be a bit tricky clothes-wise. We may have overindulged somewhat over the festive season and our waistband might be feeling a bit tight. The weather is still cold but as soon as we step into a house or shop we start to overheat in our big woolly pullovers. The sparkly dress we picked up before Christmas has lost its razzmatazz now that the parties are over. What we need is something pared-back and super comfortable that will go with everything. For ever.

Oh yes, that elusive garment does indeed exist and you can get one right here. This little number can be worn with thick tights and winter boots with a chunky cardi slung over the top. It looks amazing with skinny jeans and sneakers for a day at home, and you can dress it up for work with some heels (we love these) and a blazer. When the weather starts to warm up (not long now!) you can ditch the layers and simply wear it on its own with pumps or sandals.

"What is this brilliant dress that will save us from our winter clothes-slump?", we hear you cry.

The answer? The shirtdress.

linen shirt dress - LinenMe

You may have read before about the benefits of creating a capsule wardrobe. The idea is that you simplify your clothes and cut out anything that isn't versatile, essential and that doesn't work with other things. Whittled down to a core of complementary garments you no longer need to rummage through your closet to find an outfit, and you have fewer clothes that need washing and ironing and folding. A linen shirtdress should totally be one of these items.

We know you want great quality clothes that will outlast fashion fads. You want to look effortlessly stylish but know that that requires a tiny bit of thought and attention. You want clothes that fit well and are comfortable. Clothes that don't need any fuss, yet still reflect your style. Focussing on the shape of an outfit rather than on your own specific issues (be they wrinkles or weight-related) means you can forget about beating yourself up about your perceived imperfections and instead go through your day with confidence. You don't need to be made to feel you should look younger, or change your outfits to follow the latest trend. You know what suits you and what works for your life.

linen shirt dress winter - LinenMe

A linen shirtdress embodies this easy elegance. It speaks of a woman who is comfortable in her skin but doesn't feel the need to show off about it. It speaks of a woman who takes an interest in fashion but isn't a slave to it. It speaks of a woman who has a busy, demanding life but who puts thought into her appearance. It will see you through the difficult between-season transitions, through vacations and quiet days puttering at home.

Our linen shirtdress is crafted from pure super soft linen, making it comfy to wear and giving it a relaxed, lived-in vibe. The clean lines and pared-back design keeps things simple and understated, while the echoes of the tailored shirt give it structure. Always a favourite for Spring/Summer, a linen shirt dress will also be your friend in the colder months. It's perfect for layering, and the temperature-regulating properties of linen mean it will keep you perfectly warm without overheating. And our linen shirtdress is a great sustainable choice, as linen uses less resources in the production process than other fabrics and will last for years.

Details like the handy pockets (for a fun discussion on why dresses need pockets, go here!) and delicate buttons add interest to the softly draping silhouette. Practical yet pretty, businesslike yet casual, the shirtdress will become your go-to item. In fact you won't remember quite how you managed without one.

shirt dress linen - LinenMe

How will you wear yours? Let us know your favourite way to style your linen shirtdress by dropping us a comment below.

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