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April 22, 2022


This week is Fashion Revolution Week. Not sure what it's all about? Read on and we'll show you how we're part of a movement that's turning the fashion world on its head.

Fashion Revolution is all about:

  • creating a fairer, more equitable system
  • sustainable production that respects the planet
  • ensuring workers are paid well and work in safe environments
  • transparency and openness at all stages of production

So where does LinenMe fit into the revolution?

From the very start, we saw how our values align with Fashion Revolution's manifesto. Not only do we use green energy wherever possible and use up waste fabrics to make tote bags and placemats (see our LinenUs collection), linen itself is a sustainable fabric. It uses fewer resources to grow and process, and is naturally biodegradable. It has a long life and is highly durable, meaning your clothes last longer and don't need replacing so often. We minimise waste by making every product to order in a small scale process, and we don't hold high-volume sales.

By buying from us you're supporting a third-generation family business, not an exploitative multi-national corporation. You're buying quality products at reasonable prices. And you're investing in the future of not only your home or wardrobe, but of the whole planet.

For years we've made the choice to avoid pushing people to buy things they don't need. We've stood against fast fashion and heavily discounted sales, supporting the slow living, sustainability movement. And we're delighted to work with the Fashion Revolution manifesto to make fashion retail and production a better place for everyone.

Meet the people behind the scenes!

As part of the Fashion Revolution campaign to make workers at all stages of production more visible and to give them proper credit, here are the LinenMe team who make your linen bedlinen, towels, clothing, curtains and table linen. We're proud to introduce the people who make every piece we create:

Cutting team

Cutting team

Sewing team

fashion revolution

Hand weaving team


Washing team


Ironing and packing team


Order management team


Every LinenMe piece is made with the skills and knowledge of these amazing people. If you fancy saying hello to our team, get in touch here. Read more about our story here, and find out more about linen as a sustainable fabric here.



Buon giorno,
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Sarei interessata a una collaborazione con la vostra azienda.
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Karolina Ledauskiene

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