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February 16, 2018

February is a funny time of year. Sometimes it’s bitingly cold, with snow flurries and morning frosts, and bare trees buffeted by Arctic winds. Other days can feel positively balmy, with that mysterious tang of Spring in the air, when we notice the snowdrops and daffodils slowly emerging from their winter sleep and the birdsong seems to get louder and more enthusiastic.

It can be hard to control your body temperature in this end-of-season weather - especially at night. Which is why linen bedlinen is the ideal choice for the in-between months, as well as throughout summer or winter. Here’s why linen is perfect for icy days and nice days.

Temperature regulation

Linen has inherent seemingly magical properties which mean it will keep you warm on the coldest of nights, yet cool when it’s hot. Perfect for those days when it’s so cold your hands get freezing just holding your book and you want to hunker down with a hot water bottle. And also those almost Spring-like nights when you feel like shaking off the blankets and poking your feet out of the covers.

linen bedlinen winter spring

Moisture wicking

As well as keeping you just the right temperature, linen bedlinen will also wick away moisture from your skin. This keeps you even more comfortable as there’s no nasty sweaty feeling. Great for damp late-winter nights and misty mornings when you’ve had quite enough of feeling soggy.

linen bedlinen

Easy to dry

You can still hang washing out to dry at this time of year, but you just have to keep an eye on the weather. Having bedlinen that dries quickly is a bonus when days are short and sunshine is sparse. Linen is quicker to dry than other fabrics and can also be tumble dried.

Wide range of colours

While you might not be ready to embrace the Spring florals and pastel colours quite yet, if you are thinking of investing in some new linen duvet covers or bedsheets we have a huge range to choose from. Perfect tones for this trans-seasonal period are Scandi-inspired pale greys and neutrals that also work beautifully for summer. Deep plums and pinks also nod to the coming Spring whilst giving a bit of warmth to your bedroom colour scheme. Add a pure wool throw for extra snuggliness and to bring more texture and colour to your room.

linen duvet cover spring


Not only will linen bedlinen always be in style, it will also last a lifetime. Spending a bit more at first on some top quality linenwares means you actually save in the long term. Linen is durable, and even gets softer and more cosy with each wash. A sumptuous set of linen bedlinen will not only see you through the next few seasons, but will last for many years to come.

For tips on how to get a great night’s sleep go here, and for reasons why we should make our beds go here.


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