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November 18, 2016

The season of parties and Christmas festivities is fast approaching, and our attention is turning to preparations. And we mean more than just bulk-buying Toblerone and making wish-lists. For those of you who are embracing the oncoming socialising and gatherings with friends and loved ones, here are 5 ideas for your Christmas table setting.


You can't go wrong with some pretty, twinkly fairy lights. A simple chain of lights running down the centre of your table runner looks bright and cheering, and always magical (see below). These lights are set on a delicate copper wire, which not only incorporates one of the big colour trends this season but also sets off the golden light beautifully (similar here). Battery-powered LED fairy lights also look lovely tangled into glass jars (like these stunning snow globe terrariums). Find old apothecary jars in a flea market, or use mason jars to create a centrepiece.

Linen Christmas Table - LinenMe


Red, white and green are quintessential Christmas table setting tones, but you can vary the amount of colour you use. We've styled this table using a mainly white backdrop and adding a pop of colour with our burgundy-coloured napkins. Table linens are a great way to create a theme for a room or party as the table will probably be the focal point of the room. Choose a colour scheme and tie the rest of the decor around this palette. You can extend this to the drinks you serve, for example if you are using a white and red palette, make glasses of these gorgeous-looking sugared cranberry ginger mimosas.

Christmas Table linens - LinenMe


Winter foliage brings texture and life to a Christmas table setting. Think pine branches, sprigs of rosemary, sculptural buds of eucalyptus (very on trend this season and keeps its colour and shape for ages), pine cones, a snip of sea-holly, wood cut-offs to be used as candle stands, elegant willow branches in vases interspersed with smaller pots of white narcissi. Here's one of our favourite looks, using our stonewashed lavender-hued napkins and muted tones for the tablecloth.


There's something so lovely about the tactile nature of linen. Mix up your table setting with fabrics of different weaves and textures. This creates movement and interest, and adds a new dimension to any festive meal. We've used a combination of rustic, raw-edged napkins and bumpy placemats to create this simple yet stunning layout. Add interesting glasses, chunky cutlery and a soft sprig of berries to create layers of texture.


It's not only your guests' sense of taste and sight you want to engage - smell plays a vital part in creating the perfect festive atmosphere for a Christmas party. Use scented candles in Christmassy citrus or cinnamon scents, or add some orange peel to your wood fire and enjoy the gentle wafts of orange zing that it will generate. You could also make a pot of seasonal potpourri by throwing cranberries, satsumas, cinnamon sticks, star anise, cloves, ginger, vanilla and pomegranate into a saucepan with a decent amount of water (recipe here). Bring to the boil and then let it bubble away gently throughout your party. The whole house will smell deliciously festive.

We are properly in the festive spirit now - happy holidays!

And if you want to know how to keep your table linen looking fab, check out this post.


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