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July 28, 2017

Part of our love for linen stems from its simplicity, from the fact that it does its job quietly and efficiently for years and years, whilst also looking understatedly beautiful. A driving force behind LinenMe is our belief in the need to slow down, to avoid unnecessary clutter and fast fashion, to appreciate the little things that bring joy in our lives and our homes. We have loved these interviews in the A Simple Path series, and the responses got us thinking: what does the idea of slow living mean to you?

slow living oak

Slow Living

It's a phrase we hear a lot, often out of context and with an empty echo. It's not always easy to live slow, and to pretend otherwise is disingenuous. We have jobs, families, houses and countless other things to take care of. The ever-switched-on nature of the internet age means that there are always distractions, always people to compare ourselves to, things we are encouraged to buy or do in the promise that they will bring happiness. It's easy to get lost in all this white noise. For us, slow living is taking time to be aware of those moments that give us a sense of wellbeing, times when we feel truly connected to others, times when we are not watching the clock, times when we can simply lie back and unwind.

Our products are designed to complement and enhance those moments: table linens to make mealtime gatherings feel even more special; super soft towels to pamper your skin after a hot bath; linen throws to snuggle up under with a cup of coffee and a good book; linen bedlinen to help you sleep deeply and comfortably in utter comfort; relaxed, easy-to-wear clothes that look fantastic without being tied to fashion fads.


And because our carefully designed, hand selected, expertly crafted linen textiles are made to last, you can keep on enjoying those moments for as long as you like. They are machine washable and don't need ironing, which frees up your time for soaking up some slow pleasures.

We would love to hear your thoughts on slow living. Drop us a comment below if you want to share what slow living means to you.


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