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December 29, 2017

As 2017 draws to a close we thought it was the perfect opportunity to reflect on the year that is ending, and to think about what we hope to achieve over the coming year. Each passing year brings its challenges and difficulties, its losses and sadnesses. But over those same months many great moments will have happened, however small or seemingly insignificant. With hindsight we can view these ups and downs more objectively, perhaps finding healing and wisdom in some of the events that seemed most impossible. And we can ride the waves of delight and satisfaction thinking about all those things that went well - or even spectacularly well.

So, in the spirit of celebrating all that was good this year, here are the team at LinenMe's highlights of 2017:

Photoshoot in France

The LinenMe team took off on a trip to a stunning country chateau in France to shoot some of our new products. We love photoshoots, despite the pre-dawn starts and late-night finishes. There's something so magical about dressing a set, curating designs and outfits and then waiting for that exact moment when we get the perfect shot. It's where all our hard work behind the scenes feels worthwhile and where we can get really excited about launching new ranges and colourways. You can see some behind-the-scenes footage as we primp and fluff, straighten and drape our linens in  the photoshoots on our Facebook page.

LinenMe in France

Trip to Japan

We were delighted to spend a week in Japan during July this year, showcasing our linen textiles at the Contemporary and Creative collection at Design Tokyo. Bringing our products to new markets, meeting new colleagues and customers, and being part of the textile/ design community is a vital part of our business life. It energises and inspires us, and makes us want to create even better, more beautiful products. Another travel highlight was a week-long trip to London, again to display and sell our homewares amongst our contemporary designers and makers.

New products and colours

This year saw the launch of some fabulous new products and colourways that we were delighted to add to our collection. Some of our faves are the sumptuous wine linen bedlinen, super-comfy waffle bathrobes, delightful linen aprons, freshly coloured tea towels and elegantly simple linen dresses.

linen apron - LinenMe

LinenMe in the press

We are proud to be regularly featured in a wide range of publications and online, from articles on the benefits of natural linen to table settings using our linen tablecloths and napkins. Here are a few of the places that celebrated our products: (for our online fabric stock), Warehouse Home (for our citrine linen curtains and bedlinen), (several posts featuring our products),,,,, House Beautiful magazine, The Times,, Home and Textiles Today.

Design trade shows

Each year sees us venture across the globe to participate in international trade shows where we make essential business connections and explore the innovative new designs and developments in our industry. There is nothing we love more than talking to people about our linen textiles, showing off our careful designs and hand-selected colourways, explaining who we are and why we love natural linen and of course, sharing some laughs and champagne with precious colleagues.

linen bath towels - LinenMe

We hope that 2017 saw plenty of high points for you and your loved ones. However you are spending New Year's eve this year, we would like to wish you a very happy, healthy and peaceful 2o18. Thank you for giving us your time and for being part of our journey. We are so grateful to have you alongside us.


Jane Day


It was a joy working with LinenMe last year, I absolutely adore my table cloth and napkins and use them frequently. I dare say you see them popping up all over instagram, I use them in different shots all the time!

Hope this year is even more full of riches than 2017.

It would be great to work together again in the future.

Best Wishes

Jane x

Janey Sharratt

Really interesting article. I love linen and have bought many of your scarves. I look forward to summer and putting together some of your beautiful colours, I also love France and traveling to places where the quality of light enhances every nuance so your piece hit the spot!


Thanks Janey! Great to hear you love LinenMe scarves I look forward for the summer as well :-)!



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