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November 16, 2017

We are excited to share five new colourways in our range of sumptuous linen bedlinen. These new shades are perfect for winter, adding a jewel-like depth and warmth to your interior. If you are looking to spruce up your bedroom or guest room for the festive season these are perfect. And all crafted from our top quality, super soft pure linen to help you sleep better as well as enhancing your decor.  You can use one tone across your bedlinen or mix with complementary shades from our wide range of colourways, pairing soft pastels with dark greys or dusky pinks with deep burgundy.

As the bed is often the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom, show it some love and dress it well this season.

Balsam green - Linen Bedlinen

Linen Bedlinen - Balsam Green - LinenMe

This nature-inspired rich, mossy green echoes shady fairytale forests. It gives a feeling of protection and serenity to a room. Perhaps the closest thing you can get to sleeping out under a canopy of trees and stars, whilst still in the comfort of your home.

Balsam green features in our pure linen bedlinen, as well as linen throws and cushion covers. The throw comes in a waffle weave with fringing for extra texture and a slightly worn, tactile finish. The bedlinen is cut from our much-loved stonewashed linen, guaranteeing extra softness and plenty of characterful crumples.

Steel grey - Linen Bedlinen

Linen Bedlinen - Steel Grey - LinenMe

Taking the ever-popular muted greys and neutrals of the Scandi-inspired interiors trend and adding some wintery depth, the steel grey range is set to be a best-seller. Available in our stunning stonewashed linen bedlinen, as well as cushion covers and large linen throws in a waffle finish, this is the perfect shade for hunkering down and getting cosy this winter. Team with soft pinks or add some teal and mustard brights or muted golds for an eye-catching contrast.

Wine - Linen Bedlinen

wine - linen bedlinen - LinenMe

This elegant, sophisticated colour is the ideal nod to the reds of Christmas, whilst still looking stylish. There's a voluptuousness to the wine pure linen bedlinen that will create the feeling of a cosy boudoir and is a lovely antidote to the drizzly dark weather outside. Wine colours work brilliantly with pinks, golds and orangey shades, but this bedlinen is striking enough to need no accompaniment.

Also available in waffle linen throws and cushion covers if you just want a splash of red.

Grey - Linen Bedlinen

linen bedlinen - grey - LinenMe

Encapsulating a stormy winter's night on a windswept moorland, or the depths of the broiling sea, our grey colourway is atmospheric and dramatic. Whether you dress the whole bed in one tone with a set of our grey stonewashed bedlinen, or pick one element like a snuggly alpaca throw or linen cushion, this shade will complement almost any colour scheme.

Grey herringbone - Linen Bedlinen

grey herringbone - linen bedlinen - LinenMe

Classic with a delightful mix of vintage charm and contemporary style, our grey herringbone range is a little bit different, without dominating the room. Inspired by heritage linens and traditional weaves, the herringbone linen adds texture and interest to simple, pared back bedlinen. These pillow cases and duvet covers look masculine without being overpowering, and bring a reassuring sense of tradition without any stuffiness. Timelessly, effortlessly stunning.

For more on our huge range of colours and interior colour trends go here and here.


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