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July 15, 2016

earth - save planet

Did you realise that by buying linen products you are helping reduce our environmental impact on the planet? Not only is linen a beautiful and versatile fabric, it also has many amazing eco-credentials.

Here's how linen can help save the planet:


Linen wears well. It becomes softer and stronger with each use, meaning you can use our products for longer and replace them less often. This can make a big difference in our disposable consumer culture. Long lasting = less waste and less need for replacements. And lots of beautiful heirlooms to pass on through generations.


We've written about the lifecycle of linen here, but there is more that makes it such an interesting material. It uses less pesticides and fertilizers and requires less irrigation to grow - some estimates state that up to 20% less energy and water is used producing linen than other comparable fabrics.



Linen is moth-resistant and has inherent insect repelling properties, meaning no more munched sheets or holey clothes, and no need to use insecticides.


When linen finally does come to the end of its useful life, the fibres are biodegradable, which means you won't be adding to landfill or poisoning the soil.

Medical uses

Linen has been used for wound care thanks to its non-allergic, antibacterial and antimycotic properties. It can also help people who suffer from excema and other skin diseases.

Add to this impressive list things like its UV protection and the health benefits of the flax seeds and you have one mighty eco-friendly, waste-busting, fabulous-looking, miracle fabric.


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